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Little Clarion Montessori School follows a comprehensive Montessori curriculum, fostering a child's love of learning, promoting independent thinking and providing strong academic and life skills. Our experienced teachers provide a nurturing environment for each child's individual development.

Practical Life

Practical Life exercises are essential activities that promote independence, coordination, and order. They include tasks such as cleaning, organizing, and social etiquette, and are crucial to children's growth and development. Let's encourage children to perform these exercises to prepare them for adult life.

Benefits of assisting the child in developing motor skills, independence, social adaptation, functionality, willpower, and holistic growth through purposeful movement, concentration, orderliness, logical thinking, responsibility, sense of reality, and emotional stability are numerous.

LCMS Curriculum Primary Practical

Sensorial Activities

LCMS Curriculum Primary Sensorial

Sensorial Activities are essential for intellectual development. Aristotle said, "The senses are the gateways to intelligence." These activities develop ten senses, including sight, sound, smell, taste, touch, and others. They start developing from birth and include pairing, matching, grading, naming, memory exercises, and games.

Benefits of sensorial materials in early childhood education include building a foundation for consciousness, intelligence, and exploration of the environment, creating order in the mind for clarity of vision, refining motor coordination and senses, fostering aesthetic creativity, preparing for intellectual activities, and detecting abnormalities early on.

Language Development

Language Development is vital for a child's growth, encompassing spoken and written language skills, vocabulary enrichment, and reading proficiency, as well as the recognition and association of symbols, sounds, meanings, and context.

Benefits of the Montessori language program are manifold. It offers a rich content that provides step-by-step development of a child's inter-relating skills from practical and sensorial exercises. Moreover, this program enables a child to express themselves in a polite and courteous manner, write and read with ease, and speak with intelligence and clear contents of information.

LCMS Curriculum Primary Language


LCMS Curriculum Primary Mathematical

Mathematical mind is an innate human inclination to think mathematically, and the Montessori approach offers five different groups for abstract calculations: concepts of numbers, decimal system material, operations, linear counting, and memorization.

Benefits of incorporating mathematics into education include fostering mental discipline, developing abstract reasoning skills, providing scientifically-prepared materials to address numerical difficulties, and establishing a strong foundation for mathematical proficiency.

Cultural Arts

Cultural Arts in a Montessori environment facilitate a child's awareness of the world, encompassing language, mathematics, geography, history, music, and art, as well as knowledge about flowers, plants, and animals, which aid in personality development, adaptability, and societal integration.

Benefits of incorporating cultural arts into Montessori education include promoting creativity and self-expression, encouraging cultural diversity and understanding, and providing a means for children to develop skills in music, dance, theater, and visual arts.

LCMS Curriculum Primary Arts
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